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Golden at Heart

We are privileged to share our home and hearts with some other very special canines and a few felines too!

GCh. Castlekeep's Who Made Who

GCh. Castlekeep Dark N Stormynights

Ch. Castlekeep's Dauntless

Angus, Teller, & Valour

It was about 15 years that elapsed between deciding I "needed" an Irish Wolfhound in my life and actually bringing one (well, two...then a third) home.

It has been a wonderful experience and I can't imagine my life without these very special hounds.  They are simply amazing in every way.

Thanks to Donna Tomson of Castlekeep for allowing us these boys

Wolfhound trio.jpg
Valour 2.jpg
wolfhounds 3.jpg

Ch. MeliaGold's Mighty Gamer


Showing dogs is a family affair and it wasn't long before our kids decided they wanted to try their hand at "Junior Handling."  

At first, our senior Whippet, Newman, was assigned the task of Junior's dog, but it wasn't long before we realized he really wasn't keen on the idea.

All of our Goldens are good with the kids, but that doesn't mean they'll work for them, and preparing/transporting an 'extra' dog to the show isn't always feasible.

Enter, Stampy.  A gift from my Mother to my son, Stampy has been a wonderful addition.  He is feisty and charismatic; always up for adventure.  

Stampy has been a fantastic companion for my son, and together they have become an amazing team in the Juniors Ring!


Ch. Azure's Fleeting Image

Fleet came from Mary Morris of Azure kennels and has been a joy.  He is the constant companion of my oldest daughter and together they are learning the ropes at the dog show

Erik & Amelia.jpg


Winfree Come Fly With Me

Well...when our oldest two had dogs of "their very own," it wasn't too long before our youngest started pleading her case.

Enter Erik - and although he was 6 years old when they met, their bond is simply amazing. 

It's as if they were meant to be!

We are grateful to our good friends Colleen & Bruce Skelton for allowing Erik to join our family.


Millie, Marge, Mayhem, Mister, & Mittens

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