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Puppy Essentials

Adding a puppy to the family is an exciting time!  Like with any new baby, you're going to require some gear.  The items listed below are what we consider the "must haves' to make sure you have at home before your puppy gets there.

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Number one on our list is, of course, a crate.  We are big endorsers of crate training.  Crate training is a life skill for a puppy.  A puppy that is comfortable confined in a crate is welcome just about everywhere.  Likewise, in the event your puppy needs to be hospitalized, their stress level will be significantly reduced if they are comfortable being confined.  A crated puppy is easier to house train, and safe when not being supervised.

There are plastic and wire crates available, which have different benefits.  The wire crates tend to be less expensive, less cumbersome, allow for better airflow, more visibility, and are easier to clean.  Plastic crates are more private, generally more durable, less likely that your puppy can inadvertently hurt themselves (by getting their teeth or legs caught in the wires, and are suitable for air travel.  

A 36" long crate is generally suitable for a Golden.  Most wire crates come with dividers to limit the amount of space available to the puppy which helps facilitate house training.  If you opt for a plastic crate, we recommend using a Rubbermaid plastic tote tucked into the back to block off some space.

Below you will find links for both types of crates that we recommend:

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